To a Friend

Just a quick sign in to LJ to wish poem81 a HAPPY BIRTHDAY  
May the sun's rays shine brightest on you today with the wind at your heals. *hugs*!!!!

P.S. I'm sorry for not being around LJ or twitter ...I'm very very busy .Wish you all the best*Hugs*

Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

I would love to be YOU Kurosaki .Why? that's easy :best friend of GACKT for a week ,hunt down the most delicious food in Japan,eat all the Ramen around,(and he's not gaining weight doing so) sightseeing and do nasty things with that ass of his in strip bars,yes I'll do striptease with You body!!! Thank you!


ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??? Here we go again ! This Year once more YFC wiz GACKT *lol* is touring Europe *excited* Ok, I'm too curious to think of any inspirational quotes ,I want spoilers from the lives in Paris XDDDD
I have only few more days left till I'll fly my ass to Spain for the gig there & I'm so busyyyyyyy ,this trip will be in a flashlight but what a trip! ^_-
Can't wait to meet DEARS !
To everyone attending the lives I wish you to have lots of fun & rock the hell out of GACKT ^^ & I know that some of my friends won't go...but don't worry guys ,YFC is aiming for World Domination *nods*
Good Day everyone *runs to work*

P.S. Pic. from YFC blog

For the lulz

I'm so busy with work I can't even....orzzzzz  but tonight I'm taking my time to watch a movie and laugh the stress out a little because my boss is an a**  >.< !  I hope you guys have a great week!

P.S. YFC is coming ^_-
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Happy Birthday GACKT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GACKT ! YOU KNOW I WISH YOU EVERYTHING I WISH FOR MYSELF AND MORE,RIGHT!? XDD 38 now ? I Can't believe it!  *and now takes the Champagne and 20 bottles of tequila  and gets drunk with G.*


Writer's Block: What's been seen can’t be unseen

What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

I think I have a long list with movies I saw and never again wish to watch them. I'll nominate only what's on my mind now : Disaster Movie , Epic Movie are ??? I don't get them,really I don't it's that humor O_o ??? Never again! Oh and The Love Guru and I like Mike Myers but this one was disappointing